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Land Services

Land Services

Bishop Beale Duncan is Florida’s only brokerage company providing a full spectrum of land services. Our Land Services Team takes an owner’s perspective on every project and can handle all challenges that land owners face.

We assemble a team of industry-leading builders, engineers, and contractors who are known in the market for providing sound solutions for acquisition and disposition, entitlements, zoning, financing and mitigation of environmental impacts.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

  • Buying & Selling Local & National Developers, Builders & End-Users
  • On & Off-Market Opportunities via Market Knowledge & Relationships
  • Effective Contract Negotiations & Detailed Due Diligence Assistance

Land Planning

  • Maximize Long-term Profitability
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Manage the Entitlement Process
  • Relationships with Municipalities
  • Underwriting & Capital Structure Planning
  • Long Term Exit Planning

Horizontal Development

  • Construction Management Services
  • Infrastructure Design & Implementation
  • Ensure Delivery of Lots / Parcels
  • Listing Search

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